The Original Castle Crashers Reddit Novel Series is now on Wattpad...for now only Chapter 1 and 2 are released as i still have to work on the next chapter of the reboot

2021.11.30 23:57 LucariotheHorrorGuy The Original Castle Crashers Reddit Novel Series is now on Wattpad...for now only Chapter 1 and 2 are released as i still have to work on the next chapter of the reboot

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2021.11.30 23:57 davethebear612 (BLGO) BioLargo Post-Q3 Earnings - Future Revenue Projections

It's been a great stretch of news for BioLargo investors. On September 30, we got an update from the company in the form of a letter to shareholders that outlined several new partnerships for commercial expansion across several divisions. Since then, good news has continued to roll in and the share price has started to respond accordingly. I've been a buyer since March 1, 2021 and plan on continuing to purchase as my ability to work overtime continues. I'm happy to see price increase, but see this as just a taste of what is to come. None of the potential revenue has made its way onto a 10-Q. That's when I think things really get wild.
2 weeks ago, BioLargo published their 10-Q for Q3 2021. The revenue numbers showed growth YoY, but it was really the content of the call and explanation of business plan that got me excited. I'll try to speak about one division at a time. Apologies for the length, there's a lot to cover. I reference a few things that I will link sources to in a comment since I have in the past struggled with the auto-mod and adding links.

ONM Environmental This is the odoVOC control division of BioLargo. From the 10-Q, we learned that BioLargo is selling CupriDyne to the large waste-handling companies via a National Purchasing Agreement. In addition, ONM Environmental was awarded an exclusive three-year supply contract with a large municipality in Southern California. These are both big deals. CupriDyne has been slow to expand and the CEO has spoken to the difficulty of simply getting in the door to pitch to these players. Clearly they got in the door, and clearly it went well once they got there.
Typically CupriDyne has been a product for commercial uses like landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, and industrial facilities to control odors. It had limited rollout in consumer markets but was never pushed very hard. This has changed in a HUGE way. Ikigai Holdings approached BioLargo while seeking out a product to bring to market for pet odor elimination. They chose the CupriDyne product and are selling it under the name "Pooph". They chose CupriDyne because of its effectiveness, plain and simple. They market based on the product's superiority when they bring a product to market. No gimmicks, it just works. That's how they operate. These are the same minds that advertised for Billy Mays Oxi-Clean, Snuggie, Swiffer, Febreze, and many others. There are several products that you only know because of Jane Pak and Jordan Stanley - cofounders of Ikigai. When they bring something to market, they target $100M+ in annual sales revenue.
Today we got an update that after Ikigai's initial round of marketing testing.
From the today's PR:

Jane Pak, Ikigai CEO, commented, “Early feedback from the test marketing of the POOPH product has been phenomenal. We have placed our initial purchase orders to support an expanded marketing campaign that will begin right after Christmas to gather additional data which will be instrumental in supporting accelerated consumer sales and establishing a strong transition from direct-to-consumer into retail. We are thrilled to see validation that POOPH can disrupt the highly established category of pet odor control products, and with these results, we are already thinking about more products based on BioLargo’s technology.” BioLargo CEO Dennis P. Calvert commented, “Ikigai will purchase the POOPH products from us, and in addition, we receive a royalty on sales. They will finance and manage product roll-out, distribution, and marketing. We are excited about the potential for this partnership to create significant new revenue for both partners. The team at Ikigai is amazing!”

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So just on its own, Pooph has the potential to be really transformative for BioLargo. It's not clear what sales will be, how quick they will ramp up, and what the revenue split will be. BioLargo is the manufacturer with Ikigai as the marketing as distribution. I'm not going to speculate on a specific number, there's a range of sales numbers and revenue split numbers to chew on up there. Find one that you think is viable given the scope of who is advertising it and the fact that they chose BioLargo, not the other way around.

AEC - PFAS Collector BioLargo continues to maintain a timeline of early 2022 for moving forward with on-site projects for AEC for PFAS remediation. They are testing water from a SoCal water district as well as a federal agency (with some delays noted during the call due mainly to shipping logistics rather than scientific/development hurdles).
Brief description of function: AEC runs water across (not through) a membrane that has an electric charge. That charge is specifically tailored to draw PFAS compounds to the membrane and binding them to the membrane. That's the simple version, it's more complex than that... It has a modular design so can be scaled up to handle increased flow if needed, or remain smaller for smaller clients. Scaling can be difficult and BioLargo appears to have a good answer. Additionally, many smaller industrial clients will prioritize solutions that don't require as much infrastructure to get off the ground. AEC has a small base footprint, and appears to be well designed to flexibly integrate into existing operation. AEC runs at very low energy needs since it is just running water across a membrane, not through a membrane like some existing solutions. AEC only removes PFAS, and since PFAS are measured in parts per trillion (ppt), the actual amount removed is remarkably small. Other solutions are incapable of isolating PFAS and as a result, pull out other "stuff" from the water. Since that "stuff" also has PFAS in it, it is all going to be considered HazMat waste based on incoming EPA regulation (more on that below). Waste creation varies across incumbent technologies, but AEC can reduce waste up to 1000x compared to some carbon based projects (won't always be quite that dramatic, but that's a crazy reduction).
PFAS remediation can be difficult to assess. There are many emerging technologies that likely will have a space in the market. I believe this is due to a sheer lack of good options in the marketplace today. I think AEC is the best emerging technology out there and is designed with incoming regulatory potential in mind. Many of the emerging technologies concern me because they destroy PFAS by incineration. It isn't clear if the EPA is going to be happy with that practice moving forward. Whatever "destruction" method is approved by the EPA, BioLargo and AEC users will be able to comply with. A user of AEC will have the smallest possible amount of waste to deal with, since only the PFAS is binding to the membrane. The standard method is granular-activated-carbon. It works, but it also leaves the user with large amounts of spent carbon waste that will be "PFAS-laden". Big deal! What's the problem?
Well, in the last few months, the EPA has made it more and more clear that "PFAS-laden" waste is going to be considered Hazardous Material. The cost of handling, transporting, and disposing of the waste products from PFAS remediation are about to get a lot more hectic and expensive. I recommend reading through the PFAS Roadmap for 2021-2024 to get a better idea of where things are headed in the PFAS regulation space.
I think the bullet points below are the most impactful aspects of the EPA PFAS Roadmap since they will compel everyone to not only assess their water supply and discharges for PFAS, but also to install remediation technology to handle any contamination that is found. When looking for solutions, the last 2 bullet points are going to be INCREDIBLY important. CERCLA designation will make existing solutions that don't reduce waste unappealing.
-Establish a national primary drinking water regulation for PFOA and PFOS - Proposal Expected Fall 2022, Final Rule Expected Fall 2023 -Restrict PFAS discharges from industrial sources through a multi-faceted Effluent Limitations Guidelines program - Expected 2022 and Ongoing -Propose to designate certain PFAS as CERCLA hazardous substances - Proposal Expected Spring 2022, Final Rule Expected Summer 2023 -Issue updated guidance on destroying and disposing of certain PFAS and PFAS-containing materials - Expected Fall 2023
PFAS remediation contracts are typically $500k-$5M. Just like with Pooph, this alone has the potential to transform BioLargo. Single contracts can start bringing in all of last years revenue. Sales are expected to begin in early 2022. I believe that solutions providers will want to integrate AEC into their catalogs and BioLargo will be able to become a wholesale manufacturer of AEC and provide high level tech support. Maybe they focus on their own projects as that happens. There will be other viable PFAS remediation solutions, but I think this is the leader in a market that is about to rapidly develop.

AOS - Advanced Oxidation System - Micropollutant Destruction AOS is another water technology. It has taken a long time to get to the point it's at right now. There have been almost 100 grants received to develop AOS.
It has been patented. There have been 3rd-party peer reviewed articles published in scientific journals about AOS with 2 more apparently on the way.
This interview is really good at explaining the technical breakthrough the AOS represents as well as providing some insight into AEC.
The 2 big issues with advanced oxidation processes are electricity needs and problematic byproducts. AOS generates unique iodine species that are unlike others that have been generated. It seems that allows for AOS to have incredible destruction potential with very limited electricity input. In addition, the byproducts are not cause for concern which can occur with some existing eAOP methods.
It has taken a really long time to get to a point where sales can be discussed, but it seems like we are there.
AOS is going to be sold not only to municipal water treatment facilities to remove micropollutants from water supply, but also has markets in the agricultural space to facilitate water preservation in places like California that grow most of our food, but have very little water to do that in. BioLargo is in the early stages of a partnership with Aquaco to sell AOS to California agricultural facilities. They currently have a pilot-system operating in the Montreal municipal water treatment facility and have said that sales are expected to begin in Q1.

Garratt Callahan Garratt Callahan is the largest privately held water company in the United States with over a century of history. They approached BioLargo and partnered to create a new device for solid-separation and water salvage. BioLargo is the manufacturer and will be receiving "manufacturer's margins" according to the CEO. The specifics of what those margins are is unclear. Sales are slated to begin in Q1. Units are expected to sell for between $100k-$500k and 20-35 units has been discussed as possible for the first year of sales.
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Once again, this is a single revenue stream for BioLargo with an impressive partner that has the potential to transform the situation for the company.
Garratt Callahan has never been about the solid-separation water salvage unit to me. GC can become a seller of the rest of BioLargo's water portfolio. GC clearly holds BioLargo in high regard, approaching the small company for highly specialized manufacturing. I expect them to be a distributor for AEC and AOS in short time once those techs have more solid footing with established projects.

Conclusion BioLargo is essentially debt free and as discussed above, and between Pooph, GC, AOS, and AEC has multiple revenue streams coming online now and in early 2022. There are a few portions of the company I haven't even addressed. I think 2022 will tell a brand new story for BioLargo and revenue expansion will be explosive in 2022 and beyond.
The level of outside validation that BioLargo has received gives me full confidence in their tech portfolio. I can read the scientific journals for myself. I can see who has approached BioLargo in the last year and believe there is ample writing on the wall. I will continue to be a buyer until prices are much higher than current values.
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I just got my 14s and, as I do with all new laptops, installed a fresh version of Windows onto it. I've installed the huawei laptop manager which sorted out all my drivers, but the microphone mute button, WiFi button and the refresh rate function (Fn+R) no longer do anything. Is there a way to fix this?
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Personally, I pick Osiris quite often on Solo lane. I love auto attackers, so he feels fun to me and I consider his kit quite strong (Especially his 100% anti-heal). I've been surprised that his win rate right now is only 47.58% and his popularity is quite low. What do you guys think of him? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What change made his win rate go down? (From 51 to 47) Also if you have any personal tips I would gladly read them.
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