Anyone know what bug this is? found a couple in my room recently

From my real world experience on making desktop apps you want to get all the bug reports from all users, so you need to make it "1 click", This means add a menu /button to submit a bug report, then you popup a form where user fills stuff, you also send the log file where you collected info live OS version and other useful stuff plus the crash ... The friends who noticed and said something thought it was a fucked up bug; I found out recently that there have been friends who have noticed and didn’t say anything. Some of them have removed me from their Facebook friends list. At this point, some of you may be wondering why I didn’t just kill my Facebook profile. I wish I had. Every year as warmer weather approaches, I make several homemade products for summer including my homemade sunscreen and these homemade bug spray recipes.. I don’t use sunscreen often because it limits vitamin D production and I prefer to eat my sunscreen instead.This homemade insect repellent spray recipe, on the other hand, gets daily use where we live. You Are Always In My Heart Sweetheart. Send beautiful roses with romantic message for your beloved with this ecard. When We Kissed First! A deep love card to share with your special person of life! I’m Grateful Every Day. Grateful for the one you love then let them know. I Want U In My Arms, Dreams My Love... Try passing time by a couple in game hours, but while that’s happening, make the Raycast and collider box visible Also, try to execute the bug in a confined space. See if that does anything. My theory is that the game is tracking so many things at once (example 51 students) that it’s trying to compile it. Replies to bug reports must also follow these guidelines where possible. This means “Me too!” replies are not acceptable.. Basics. Your bug report must have: An accurate title - Engineers should know what the bug is before opening the thread. Be specific! A detailed description - Explain what you expect, and what happens instead.; Where it happens - Include links if it happens with ... A private message i was alerted about on my phone was not there when i went to check on it. Both of these have happened a few times. One disappearing post was a youtube link, and its still up in a couple of places i shared it but i had to repost it on a private server that no one but me is able to delete or remove posts on. Track individual visitors using your website in real-time. Understand & grow your traffic with free, live analytics. Add to your site in minutes! About Our 1970 Volkswagen Beetle Parts Our complete selection of 1970 VW Bug Parts includes everything from the finest quality German replacement parts to the largest selection of VW Interior Parts on the planet customized to fit your 1970 VW Bug Sedan. I recently found nests of bed bugs in my bed and on 1 of my couches. That was the only places I seen them. But there were a bunch on those 2 items. The other 2 chairs in my livingroom appeared to be clean, as well as both of my kids rooms.

2021.12.01 00:05 inscryptor Anyone know what bug this is? found a couple in my room recently

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2021.12.01 00:05 imNotGoodAtNaming [Event] Arlan II - Life Is A Highway

4th Month B, 134 AC | life is a highway, i wanna ride it all night long | Oldtown
Arlan Caswell The Shermer twins really liked to talk.
Donnel and Damon Shermer had been his closest friends for decades at this point, both skilled swordsmen and sworn swords. He enjoyed their company - their laidback and casual approach to life mixing well with Arlan's own easy personality. But the last years had been trying on his usual joviality, and so as he rode through the massive stone walls of Oldtown and onto the cobbled streets, he felt distinctly more annoyed than anything.
Mercifully, the pair shut up as they slowly made their way through the winding labyrinth that were Oldtown's streets. Arlan only knew his way around from his earlier captivity in the port city, but even then it was difficult not to get lost in the wrong alley or street that led to nowhere. It didn't help that they'd somehow arrived in the busy hours of Oldtown, and so the streets were packed to the brim with people going to and fro. The poorest smallfolk - wearing roughspun tunics or, in some cases, nothing at all - stood or sat along the sides of the road, begging for pennies; butchers and bakers and fishermen wandered around carrying their goods; wealthier petty noblemen and merchants, distinctive in their colorful silks and luxurious hats, moved around with purpose to conduct their business, often accompanied by a guard or two. And through that all, Arlan and the Shermer twins rode slowly to their destination: Battle Isle.
Once they finally got to the ferry some half-hour later, the ferry ride itself seemed blissfully peaceful in comparison with the hectic nature of the city proper. Standing before the massive Hightower - aptly named indeed - they waited to be announced to the guards at the gates and to the court inside.
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2021.12.01 00:05 SuccessfulOperation Tennessee Rejects "Moms for Liberty" Complaint Over Lessons on MLK ... Remember. It was never about "CRT"

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2021.12.01 00:05 mr-professor-sir R56 Overheating

I was driving back from school; the past 2 days I've noticed that when I turn the heat on in my car, it doesn't seem to stay hot, it just kinda fluctuates between lukewarm and cold. Aside from this, right about when I pulled into my driveway I got a yellow overheating light, and then when I pulled into my spot, it turned red and I turned off my car. I'm not quite sure what would be causing this? Is it maybe a thermostat or a water pump? (2010 base)
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2021.12.01 00:05 Sakura850 CONCURSO PUBLICO AINDA VALE A PENA?

Oi galera, vcs acham que investir num concurso publico é uma boa? Pq eu faço direito e penso emprestar pra alguns cargos, mas o grande problema é que tem 593938712 pessoas prestando o que torna a aprovação difícil, sao anos!!! Hoje eu trabalho num escritório, só que é a maior exploração e o reconhecimento é ZERO. E ai me vem a vontade de estudar nem que seja pra escrivão da policia civil, mas a concorrência a cada ano ta de matar. Além dos salários serem baixos.
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2021.12.01 00:05 moshedman85 Munching on a bar in cover [mw2]

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2021.12.01 00:05 Independent-Iron-416 The Netflix cowboy bepop is absolute TRASH, idk if it’s just Netflix or the result of the world today but literally every show these days is so HALF ASSED

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2021.12.01 00:05 DailyDallasHockey Roope Hintz is on Hatty watch! Second of the night!

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2021.12.01 00:05 Meme_loll LETS GOOO

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2021.12.01 00:05 ratboggle Little Christmas Rattos

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2021.12.01 00:05 SilverApetard Fuck Charles Schwab, the WEF and th FED! Stack like your Life n Future depends on it!

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2021.12.01 00:05 Local_Gur2805 NG+ etc

So I know I can't be the only one who's done this but I just started ng+ and I love my armors etc that I worked so hard for in my first playthrough. I don't think I'm gonna upgrade until I can get the same gear I have now. Pretty sure I can push through until then despite other armor being better. Doing my first time on deathmarch as well. Rocking the grandmaster wolven armor, manticore trousers and boots and nilfgaardian gauntlets.
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2021.12.01 00:05 Beginning_Time6669 Day 2

Again I start my journey.
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2021.12.01 00:05 KevinHuynh1168 Wealthsimple Cash: $50 For Signing Up - Takes 2 Minutes (Ends In 2 Hours)

Wealthsimple Cash is Canada's very own Cash App/Venmo! It's better to get in early as the $50 promotion is only for a limited time, and while signing up you can grab your unique "$tag" before anyone else does!
Sign up using this LINK or enter my code DJSBHP in the app
After using my code, go to the promotions tab in the app, then enter "WATERLOO" for an extra $25 on top of the first $25 (Must live in Waterloo for "WATERLOO" to work). Enjoy!
This Offer Tonight, November 30 (11:59PM EST)
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2021.12.01 00:05 angeqtui Something shifts in TWICE's performances when they let Chaeyoung shine

This is something I observed since then like Fancy, The Feels, Icon, their So Hot cover, their Born this Way cover (special mention to Cry For Me, what possesed her when she sings her part), those performances just give off something different.
Chaeyoung, well she's something. I'd usually see comments on how she sometimes look uninterested during performances (tho I don't really agree), but when you let her shine, SHE WILL SHINE BRIGHTLY. I mean she was a beast during Sixteen, like she and Jihyo were the trainees that you were sure that would debut back then, but after debut she just blended in and became the baby beast she is known as. Although she is really cute, she can really be an actual beast in performances.
So hi JYP, u have to see this & pls give Chaeyoung her moment, thank you :D <3
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2021.12.01 00:05 cakes_a_lonely_ass What'cha lookin' at, Carol?

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2021.12.01 00:05 Mirai-Train Thinking between Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE/Cinnamon, or Linux Mint MATE/Cinnamon

Currently I have CentOS 7 running in terminal on WSL, with some apps (e.g. nautilus) running using X Server on Windows (VcXsrv). I use it to develop Java and Python for work.
But I'm thinking to experiment a bit with Linux over the year-end. Maybe a dual-boot, or installing a distro on WSL plus a DE.
My system is a Lenovo Legion laptop with AMD Ryzen 7, Nvidia GTX1060 Ti, 24GB RAM and free 1TB HDD (the SSD is full).
I'm not a fan of Ubuntu's layout, but I have to say I'm in love with how much green Mint has! I personally dualbooted Mint for a week about 10 years ago, so I have good impressions of it.
I saw Mint's known issues ( so was a little bit worried. They also seem to have created their own versions of apps (i.e. mint-), would that make it incompatible with a lot of guides. I am wondering if I instead chose Ubuntu (and variants), would the support resources available make a difference?
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2021.12.01 00:05 throwmongo How can one spend less time "researching" options?

Consider the following time-intensive activities -

Each of these activities - and similar activities - are way too time intensive and effort intensive.
There must be easier ways. How can one spend less time "researching" such options? It would also greatly simplify life.
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2021.12.01 00:05 ZU_Man23 True

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2021.12.01 00:05 throwaway01072021 The city is still corrupt at its core.

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2021.12.01 00:05 Bitter_Ad_5597 How can i run linux on my phone

Replace android os with linux
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2021.12.01 00:05 reggat45 Need Team / Current D4 / NA

Looking for 1 or 2 to play ranked with. Currently D4. Mainly use Valk/Blood but will play anyone to fit the team.
PSN: ohSpani
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2021.12.01 00:05 playo90 [US] [CA] [SELLING] DARKMOONKNIFEBACK

Yo! Heads up, everyone! darkmoonknife is back again with another account, u/ulopong44 He’ll give out miraculous offers, so watch out or you’ll get scammed. PayPal account names were confirmed to be the same as before. Be careful!
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2021.12.01 00:05 GreenNapster [Best Buy] Ember - Temperature Control Smart Mug² - 14 oz - Blue $99.99 [Deal: $99.99, Actual: $129.99]

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2021.12.01 00:05 guardianfire Witcher quest music - NPC Choir

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