Would you say that your actions are driven more by fear than by desire?

2021.12.01 00:23 boomblitzer Would you say that your actions are driven more by fear than by desire?

For me, I basically never feel a desire for anything beyond necessities and escapism. The only thing that really motivates me is fear. Fear of being a burden, of becoming homeless, or of being broken even more and losing my self. Don't know if this applies generally or what.
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2021.12.01 00:23 AlphaTim81 I cannot access the back and gold party and it says there is 2 days still left this is what i get when i try to access it is this a bug?

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2021.12.01 00:23 somthing_dunno 4 vein of netherite

ik they can spawn in 2 different chunks to make a 4 vein but the one i found are in the same chunk?
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2021.12.01 00:23 androidsmarttv Firmware v6.3.60 & v6.3.60 for RTD1619DR ZIDOO's Media Players

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2021.12.01 00:23 ton84 Second Headset Setup? Same Account or New Account

Will be getting a second Quest 2 headset for the house this Christmas. Looking to get recommendations on how to configure the device. Is better to login with the same FB / Oculus account hopefully so I don’t have to repurchase my library again or to setup the device with a new account FB / Oculus. Ideally I would like to be able to play multiplayer games with family members. Such as Recroom / eleven / population one / walkabout and others ….any pros and cons for either setup. Thank you for the help.
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2021.12.01 00:23 MecGuy2 Biden Not Currently Planning On Visiting Waukesha After Terror Attack That Killed Six

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2021.12.01 00:23 maryseashelley Best pad Thai in Seattle?

I’ve tried a couple of places in Seattle but they’ve all had pad Thai that tasted weirdly of ketchup. The school I went to across the country had an amazing “country style” pad Thai that was delicious and had a nice bit of spice to it. Any recommendations?
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2021.12.01 00:23 The_Gaming_Gengar Should I get a Wii U?

Hello my fellow redditors
So I come with the question of should I get a Wii U?
I want to experience all that I missed out on like 3D World and Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Land but a Wii U seems to go for around the same price as the Switch and my friends told me the Wii U was garbage compared to the Switch and I should just get a Switch as its vastly more popular and better.
On the other hand I've seen people talk about all the good times they had on the Wii U and I just don't hear the same about the Switch.
I've never owned any sort of consoles from Nintendo and I never had any consoles from other companies like Sony and Microsoft. I recently bought a New 3DS XL because I thought why the hell not and honestly it was worth the chance because its so much fun. I love playing Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Blue and Ace Attorney. Just so much fun and I never experienced these beforehand.
But the New 3DS XL while a lot of fun is annoying because my eyes strain because of the tiny ass screen and the 3D effect doesn't help (I use 3D whenever I get the chance it is by no means bad I love it) and it just gets tiring to hunch over or lay down on my stomach as my arms get tired. In short. Its a mess after a while. Thats why I'm interested in a Wii U. Not only is it a home console and not only is it from the same creators as the 3DS but I heard so much about it
So? Let me know If I should get a Wii U and where to start with this supposed godsend of a console and upvote this so that others see it because I want as many opinions as possible!
Thank you all very much for reading this and helping me out here :)
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2021.12.01 00:23 Client-Actual Does anyone else who attends school have nightmares about school shootings?

I'm only asking to know if others have this same fear or if my mind is just dramatic.
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2021.12.01 00:23 C8lin93 Celeste is here!

I haven't done this in awhile. Come check out my almost finished island and talk to Celeste. Comment for dodo code. There are a few shooting stars but please don't stay for 20. Only taking 3 at a time.
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2021.12.01 00:23 YaBoiCheese29 Anyone know any good ARG videos/channels I can check out? I've already seen the Alex Bale ones.

Also wtf does ARG stand for lol
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2021.12.01 00:23 acharnis What is this green cloth flap in depictions of Lord Nelson's hat at Trafalgar?

This might be too niche or too much trivia of a question, but, well, here I go.
I am painting a miniature of Lord Horatio Nelson to give as a gift, and I want to be as historically accurate as I can. In the front of the hat of the miniature there is a little green flap, which does not make any sense to me.
I did a little research and, generally, depictions of Nelson where he wears a hat (for example) do not have such a flap. It also makes no sense to me why there would be a weird green flap there.
When I look closely at this and this painting of Nelson's death at Trafalgar, the hat that has fallen on the deck and is ostensibly Nelson's DOES have a green flap! I conjecture that it might have to do with his blind eye, like an eye patch built in to the hat, however it appears in opposite sides of the hat in the two paintings.
So, dear historians, what's with the green flap on Nelson's hat at Trafalgar?
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2021.12.01 00:23 user1455719 crypt0th0t on opensea

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2021.12.01 00:23 Cirsten0925 Krebels have pledged to give a percentage of their proceeds to projects focused on preserving the Koala!

Join us Now!

Click here
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2021.12.01 00:23 bartosz102 I jerk off over my sister's boots

I've been doing this for 8 years, sometimes I will buy her boots so she can wear them and when she's out I'll jerk off to them, I also touch them a lot if she's wearing them, I'm not attracted to my sister what so ever I just have a boot fetish with no where to relive myself but I feel bad for using my sister like that, that's my fucked up confession
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2021.12.01 00:23 I-am_Duck Probabilidades do Brasileirão calculadas pelo Ornitorrinco do Futebol Onisciente - Pós Rodada 36.1*

* Como o brasileirão é uma várzea e agora tem jogos de 500 rodadas diferentes na mesma semana, percebi que iríamos ter post até a rodada "40".
Logo, transformei os 4 posts que seriam 35, 36, 37 e 38 em 35.1, 35.2, 36.1 e 36.2, que assim o penúltimo post do ano volta a ser equivalente ao pós rodada 37.
Para ver mais informações do Brasileirão, visite o site do Futebol Onisciente.
Quer saber mais sobre como funciona nosso algoritmo? Clique aqui.
Caso queira ver o post da rodada anterior, clique aqui.

1 ATLÉTICO-MG 99,22%
2 FLAMENGO 0,79%

2 SPORT 100,00%
3 GRÊMIO 97,37%
4 ( ⬆️1 ) BAHIA 58,73%
5 ( ⬇️1 ) JUVENTUDE 14,48%
6 ( ⬆️2 ) CUIABÁ 14,44%
8 ( ⬇️2 ) ATLÉTICO-GO 5,48%
9 SÃO PAULO 0,83%
10 SANTOS 0,78%

2 FLAMENGO 76,48
8 CEARÁ 51,64
9 AMÉRICA-MG 51,62
11 SÃO PAULO 49,32
12 SANTOS 48,13
13 ( ⬆️2 ) ATLÉTICO-GO 47,29
15 ( ⬇️2 ) CUIABÁ 46,54
16 ( ⬆️1 ) JUVENTUDE 46,15
17 ( ⬇️1 ) BAHIA 43,63
18 GRÊMIO 39,62
19 SPORT 36,28

1 ( ⬆️2 ) PALMEIRAS 100,00%
2 ( ⬇️1 ) FLAMENGO 100,00%
3 ( ⬇️1 ) ATLÉTICO-MG 100,00%
5 FORTALEZA 21,30%
6 ( ⬆️1 ) FLUMINENSE 3,23%
7 ( ⬇️1 ) BRAGANTINO 1,75%

1 ( ⬆️1 ) ATLÉTICO-MG 100,00%
2 ( ⬆️1 ) FLAMENGO 100,00%
3 ( ⬇️2 ) PALMEIRAS 100,00%
5 FORTALEZA 84,14%
8 ( ⬆️1 ) AMÉRICA-MG 3,82%
9 ( ⬇️1 ) CEARÁ 3,39%
11 ( ⬆️1 ) SÃO PAULO 0,10%

1 ( ⬆️3 ) CORINTHIANS 100,00%
2 ( ⬆️1 ) PALMEIRAS 100,00%
3 ( ⬇️2 ) FLAMENGO 100,00%
4 ( ⬇️2 ) ATLÉTICO-MG 100,00%
5 FORTALEZA 95,96%
6 ( ⬆️1 ) FLUMINENSE 86,25%
7 ( ⬇️1 ) BRAGANTINO 82,89%
8 ( ⬆️1 ) AMÉRICA-MG 11,44%
9 ( ⬆️1 ) INTERNACIONAL 11,04%
10 ( ⬇️2 ) CEARÁ 10,88%
11 SÃO PAULO 1,30%
12 ( ⬆️2 ) ATLÉTICO-GO 0,18%
13 ( ⬆️4 ) ATHLETICO-PR 0,03%
14 ( ⬆️1 ) SANTOS 0,01%
15 ( ⬇️3 ) CUIABÁ 0,01%
16 JUVENTUDE 0,01%

1 ( ⬆️2 ) ATLÉTICO-MG 100,00%
2 ( ⬆️2 ) FLAMENGO 100,00%
3 ( ⬇️1 ) PALMEIRAS 100,00%
4 ( ⬇️3 ) CORINTHIANS 100,00%
5 FORTALEZA 99,58%
8 ( ⬆️1 ) AMÉRICA-MG 40,32%
9 ( ⬇️1 ) CEARÁ 32,37%
11 SÃO PAULO 6,55%
12 ( ⬆️2 ) ATLÉTICO-GO 1,06%
13 SANTOS 0,61%
14 ( ⬆️1 ) ATHLETICO-PR 0,53%
15 ( ⬆️2 ) JUVENTUDE 0,23%
16 ( ⬇️4 ) CUIABÁ 0,17%

2 PALMEIRAS 100,00%
3 ( ⬆️1 ) FLAMENGO 100,00%
4 ( ⬇️1 ) ATLÉTICO-MG 100,00%
5 FORTALEZA 99,97%
8 ( ⬆️1 ) AMÉRICA-MG 63,10%
9 ( ⬇️1 ) CEARÁ 54,56%
11 SÃO PAULO 16,97%
12 ( ⬆️2 ) ATLÉTICO-GO 4,50%
13 ( ⬆️2 ) ATHLETICO-PR 3,21%
14 ( ⬇️1 ) SANTOS 3,06%
15 ( ⬆️2 ) JUVENTUDE 1,27%
16 ( ⬇️4 ) CUIABÁ 1,27%
17 ( ⬇️1 ) BAHIA 0,04%
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2021.12.01 00:23 gwern "Teaching Autoregressive Language Models Complex Tasks By Demonstration", Recchia 2021

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2021.12.01 00:23 pvsus SO MUCH MONEY GONE BUT IT WAS WORTH IT YAY(ima go sleep)

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2021.12.01 00:23 bluescluus How accurate is this? Looking to finance a car in about 10 months.

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2021.12.01 00:23 homer-b Survey!!

Hey guys! If any of you are current off campus students and have a free moment to fill out a survey for class that'd be awesome!!
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2021.12.01 00:23 RealVaultteam6 House built into Cliffside.

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2021.12.01 00:23 -346_76 Thanks for the advice!

Went way out of my comfort zone and went to a bar, had fun. Meeting up with people I ran into. Thanks guys! Anyone on here know anything about crypto or NFTs? Trying to find topics to talk about with potential friends. Trying my hand at making NFT just for fun.
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2021.12.01 00:23 Guilty_Resident9714 For most of Human history, pre-industrial revolution, Women's vaginas have probably stanked.

Think about it, before the invention of women's medical technology and modern hygiene habits, Women's Vaginal scent probably wasn't up to par. Due to: Ph Imbalance, BV, UTIs, and Yeast Infections. All of which can affect a woman's vaginal smell and certainly make it unpleasant. For instance, modern women still suffer from these today, imagine at the rate that women of the past experience this. UTI medicine can simply be bought at an convenience store, a luxury no woman has had in the past. Hell, they probably didn't know causes an UTI given the era, let alone a yeast infection. In conclusion, for most of Human history, the Vagina has smelled rancid. Thank for my Ted talk.
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2021.12.01 00:23 jodye1878 IWFTR

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2021.12.01 00:23 Ok_Win_3538 White Fang vs Atlas Military

White Fang vs Atlas Military Okay so I wanna open up an discussion. Lets say HYPOTHETICALLY Adam and the white fang managed to survive and have some of their plans come through how they should have. What do you think his 'war' on Atlas would have looked like and how do you think he could have carried it out so that Salem's eventual invasion is all the more devastating? Well I have a couple of ideas on how this could work. So firstly I would have it so that Adam at this point has united ALL the white fang faction from across Remnant and he has been having spies and double agents planted into the SDC and Atlas military to acquire shipments of explosives, ammo and military grade weapons.
We know this is possible because back in Vol 2 the white fang managed to get their hands on SEVERAL Prototype Paladin mechs but only one was driven by Roman. So considering we have Faunus with semblances like Fiona and Marrow(both of whom would be working for the white fang in this context) it would be VERY easy for Adam and the white fang to arm themselves.
Next we have the general security in Atlas/Mantle which we have seen was EASILY dismantled(HA!) by Watts. If Watts and Tyrian were so easily able to fuck up Atlas security and manipulate Jacques into basically GIVING Watts his access codes, then Adam working alongside Watts and Tyrian to achieve similar ends works just as well if not better because this gives the heroes more to handle and will tire them out more the more they are thinned out and spread across the kingdom.
Adam and the white fang would spend the first couple weeks in Atlas amassing followers, freeing trapped slaves and downtrodden workers from the SDC, attacking and stealing from military convoys, straight up destroying SDC factories around the city and forcing the military and Jacques to horde all their dust in a central location. From that point the big kick off would be when Adam and the white fang make their declaration of war which would be started by ALL the remaining dust mines and warehouses being blown sky high and in the ensuing chaos the white fang engages in a full on onslaught against the military.
The large ships would be to busy handling the grimm on the perimeter of the Kingdom not to mention in this version of events? Watts has unlocked his semblance and has managed to become a living virus of sorts, hacking the ships and turning them on each other just like he did at Beacon with the black queen virus. While all of this is going on, Cinder is making her move to the Winter maiden since the military is scrambling to protect her, Watts in a safe location hacking and controlling robots to protect himself, Adam goes to amity to hijack the coms and make his own announcement to the world and this is where we get Adam vs Ironwood with Watts running interference and controlling the arena from a distance.

During this fight would we see the general going ALL OUT. He wouldn't be holding back against Adam and he would have to pull double duty because Watts has also sent robots to kill them both once Watts receives orders that Adam is no longer of use now that he's set the stage for Salem to arrive. So it ends up being a massive free for all, Adam escapes and James still loses an arm. As the chaos ensues Adam has the white fang attacking and destroying the military using their own tech while he goes off on his own now having defeated the general, he has one last loose end to tie up.
Jacques is hold up in a prison cell and the reason why he let James live was because he revealed Jacques location to him during their fight. Fighting his way through the school to where the prison cells were located Adam would come across Winter here and he would in no uncertain terms tell her to get out of his way because he's going to deliver the justice she knows her father deserves and he makes no attempt to hide his face or scar from her.
Winter would recall the event in question and Adam would ask why nothing was ever done to which Winter would respond that she did everything in her power back then to try and bring it to the public eye but her father had too much influence and covered it up. Adam says that nothing else will sate his bloodlust but seeing Jacques die and Winter tells him that if he wants his revenge that bad then he will have to go through her.
They engage in a fight which is interrupted by Cinder arriving and going after Penny & Friya. Adam says that she can keep trying to defend her already dead man of a father or she can save her friend and the maiden. Winter simply gives him a stare cold enough to freeze Hell and leaves. Adam goes to find Jacques and when he does? He takes his time making sure Jacques remembers him and knows exactly what is about to happen to him. He rattles off a bunch of names of people human and faunus alike whose lives he has ruined and tells him that he is the personification of all their spite, their desire for retribution. He states that this is his only reason to exist and that now Jacques legacy, the one who fought so hard to steal and shape into his own? Dies with him, and Adam runs him clean through and pins him to a wall with his sword, looking him dead in the eyes as his damaged eye leaks bloodied tears as he releases all the pent of rage and fury he'd been bottling up all this time; and just screams as he rips his sword from the dead rich mans body that falls limp on the ground.
From that point once Salem arrives; Adam and the remaining white fang turn on the Grimm queen and they fight alongside the military in a temporary truce considering the devil is literally on their doorstep. That's personally how I see the war going had Adam and the other white fang survived because I genuinely believe the thing he wanted most was to kill Jacques and bring down Ironwood who he felt was an authoritarian dictator.
I also legit think that Watts & Cinder would betray Adam thinking that he's either too strong or too ambitious to be controlled. I'unno those are just my thoughts.
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