Just 2 good buds before a lil hike

2021.12.01 00:56 flowified Just 2 good buds before a lil hike

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2021.12.01 00:56 Suspicious_Ad_6870 Okay, okay, here me out....

Helluva boss/ Hazbin Hotel youtooz??
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2021.12.01 00:56 Pengpangolin [PS4] H: caps and junk! W: garrahan outfit and mask, also the longshoreman outfit! :)

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2021.12.01 00:56 BazF91 What did you watch in November?

With the end in sight (I'm 108 films away from completing this list), I've tried to cut out other hobby activities (like TV or video games) and double down on watching these movies as quickly as I can (although life is never so free). I managed to tick off 17 films from the list, although one of them was Dekalog, which should really count as 10 films in itself, and is the length of about 5 normal films. I've also started Riget, just to get past some of the longest entries on the list. My 17 films were, in the order that I completed them:
Lovers Rock (2020)
The Bank Dick (1940)
The Snake Pit (1948)
Midnight Song (Ye Ban Ge Sheng) (1937)
Saint Maud (2019)
Angels with Dirty Faces (1938)
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) (2019)
The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Joheun nom Nabbeun nom Isanghan nom) (2008)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)
Bus 174 (2002)
Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
Spellbound (1945)
Me and My Gal (1932)
Last Year at Marienbad (L'Année Dernière à Marienbad) (1961)
The Decalogue (Dekalog) (1988)
The Barbarian Invasions (Les Invasions Barbares) (2003)
A Tale of the Wind (Une Histoire de Vent) (1988)
Like an idiot, I didn't do my research. It turns out The Barbarian Invasions is actually the sequel to The Decline of the American Empire, also on the list which I haven't seen yet. I don't think I really missed any plot points by not having seen the first film, but I didn't understand why I was supposed to like the main womanising character. Perhaps had I seen the other film first, I would have at least felt more familiar.
My least favourites:
Bank Dick: WC Fields did much better in It's a Gift... this one was profoundly unfunny and had a really nonsensical plot.
Lovers Rock: Apart from introducing me to the song "Silly Games" which is an earworm, this was an alienating experience which was devoid of a satisfying narrative. I see why others like it though.
Portrait of a Lady on Fire: It wasn't bad, but just wasn't that good either. Like Blue is the Warmest Color, I just think some of these lesbian dramas need something 'more' as a central conceit than just their main characters being lesbian. Like, it seems like their lesbianism is the entire point of the film, which I don't think is really that interesting. In this film there were only vague suggestions of what it meant to be lesbian in earlier centuries.
Barbarian Invasions: I thought everyone on screen was either pretentious or an arsehole. Some of the comedy was good but it got rather bleak at the end.
Marienbad: Sorry, this goes in my naughty list. I really wanted to like it, with the stirring music and great cinematography, but I was really hoping there would be some sort of great reveal at the end that would change how you saw everything, or somehow make it all make sense. This just seems like an earlier (although far better) version of India Song (also starring Delphine Seyrig).
Only Angels Have Wings: Awkward soapy romance film interspersed with bizarre suspense scenes involving planes. It doesn't help that Grant's 'charming' hero in this film is a total misogynist.
My Favourites:
Midnight Song: with the effort I put in to watch this potato quality film (and poring through many terribly translated subtitles to find a good set) I actually found this to be a riveting re-imagining of Phantom of the Opera that held me more than the 1925 version
Saint Maud: Brilliant psychological horror film about the destructiveness of brainwashing religion.
Good Bad Weird: Comparable in quality to The Good The Bad and The Ugly and that's saying something. The comedy and the great action scenes make this a delight.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams: I was so glad to see a latter-day Herzog film on the list. Only Herzog could make a 90 minute movie about a cave utterly riveting, although he does start to falter near the end. I found out afterward that this was made as a 3D film, which makes a lot of sense; that 10 minute montage of cave walls we've already seen a dozen times would certainly look a lot better in 3D. Nevertheless, the film is a profound mind-exercise on the subject of time. Herzog wants to get you to really consider the great stretches of time between the events that happened in the cave.
Bus 174: An exceptional true crime documentary that pre-empts the true crime podcast genre of today. The layout and the use of TV footage drawn from the crime make this utterly thrilling.
Me and My Gal: I didn't really like this film that much, but I have to say it's the maddest 'Hollywood' film I've ever seen from the 30s. Characters breaking the fourth wall, crude jokes, stuff happening all over the place make this a very interesting experience. I may have to rewatch it.
Dekalog: fine, I liked it. I didn't love it. I wouldn't call it the masterpiece that so many hail it as. There were definitely a handful of the dekalogs that I didn't find interesting at all or had characters that made irrational decisions for the sake of making Kieslowski's point, but there were lots of really great moments too. Number 10 was my favourite.
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2021.12.01 00:56 whoreallycares32 Vintage western pearlsnap shirts

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2021.12.01 00:56 Hopeful-Use-8221 Still In Exposition On Page 45

I notice that my Sci-fi (grounded) action script is still setting up exposition on page 42. The rest of the first act has been devoted to setting up my main character and his motivations/antagonist. I’m wondering that since this is the first sci fi world building script I’m really writing, if it’s normal to be building out the world around the characters (albeit in interesting ways) this far into the script. Any and all opinions welcome!
Side note: I have already set up the character motivations, set a clear goal and stakes, and provided the thematic touch points the film will explore. In my opinion, these are all that needed in exposition, but I’m wondering if a big science fiction world as a backdrop would excuse exposition this late as long as it’s adding to the dimension of the world around the character, and setting clear rules for the non-exposition action packed second half of the script? Thanks!
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2021.12.01 00:56 J2HMUFC Baby Crash's Kart

How to i see and access Baby Crashes Kart i can't find it for the life of me i brought the bundle for 3700
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2021.12.01 00:56 coyote32 This is hot/cold water for the washer machine, I was wondering if I’m missing anything or if I did anything wrong.

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2021.12.01 00:56 SITF21-2 A little over 100 copies left of the Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain repress. Available on the GetOnDown online store

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2021.12.01 00:56 ___ASTRO__ Again other then the sizing how can I make it better?

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2021.12.01 00:56 spirallingspiral Can i play this game with a 10 year old? Single parent.

Can i play this game with a 10 year old boy who is living with a single parent. Boy's parents are not living together. Will this game cause any mental trauma to the kid since his parents are not together and the game's story is about something similar from what i heard?
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2021.12.01 00:56 OrangeTomato111 Lady

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2021.12.01 00:56 Longjumping-Price-42 Are you here to avoid your loneliness? If not, why?

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2021.12.01 00:56 dranic No moves

Well; as per my previous post, mediation failed at the last session because she 'changed her mind' on 50 50 custody. Now she is only 'allowing' me to see my son at the family home, I've been legally advised not to simply take the child, which I have the right to do given we aren't even separated. But I'm not sure how to play the game. I was told last night by her that since she has decided I deserve no custody now, she'd like me to not speak to his doctors, school, or take him to any appointments whatsoever and that she will not allow him to come to my new place under any circumstance. It just feels helpless, because I've been told to stand down and let her do this, because it will be a major determining factor in the custody outcome if she continues withholding our child, and I don't do the same. I get the end goal, but something feels wrong about even entertaining narcissistic and controlling behavior
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2021.12.01 00:56 Inas26 New signups spend $40 get $40 via paypal or check. Limited time. Invite link. Shopping cashback site. Thousands of stores to choose from.

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2021.12.01 00:56 beaglelover27 Not adhd, but I’ve had the same loathing of useless schoolwork since 6th grade. This is my 6th grade morning work stuff that had no purpose

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2021.12.01 00:56 Different_Cause15852 lost data and hoping the movies.db file can help

I suffered a disk failure and lost a LOT of movies that had not yet been backed up and don't have a list of them saved (I know, I know). Is there a way to open the movies.db file from tMM and list of the movies?

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2021.12.01 00:56 dannythegodtres people who type with autocapitalization off>>>>

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2021.12.01 00:56 yssarms Advice for a new driver who has trouble getting over a driving mishap

Okay, so I'm a student driver with 8 out of 30 hours completed of my practical driving course. Yesterday, it was my first time driving a car that doesn't have the assistive breaks on the passenger's side (the ones used for when instructing student drivers in school). Of course, I was accompanied by a licensed driver and I was able to make it to the destination (a nearby mall).
When we were trying to park, my companion went out of the car to provide assistance and instruction for the parking maneuver. However, I had a hard time following and I think he got frustrated because the cars behind were piling up already. He asked me to move out of the car so he can park instead.
So, as I was moving out of the vehicle, already feeling stupid, for the life of me, I forgot to shift to the parking/neutral mode nor pull up the hand break. A few seconds has passed when we realized and the car already went on in reverse to hit another parked car 😫😥😥😥. I know it was a stupid stupid mistake on my part. I'm just so mad and frustrated at myself for not having presence of mind. I'm also very anxious about ever driving again, not to mention the pricey repair of the car that was hit. Cried my eyed out last night😭 I feel sorely demotivated.
Any similar experiences from the new drivers here? And how did you cope? Advice?
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2021.12.01 00:56 JackAnC0ke Took almost 4 weeks off Dota, came back yesterday and immediately won 8 straight. It's only downhill from here, right?

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2021.12.01 00:56 nate42272 Not sure if I was blocked or not... I CAN react to messages they sent me, but I get this message on their profile...

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2021.12.01 00:56 AsAGayScientist He looked so happy today!

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2021.12.01 00:56 softyeehaw Considering cutting out my grandma due to her prior behavior over the years and now things have finally come to a head, but unsure how to go about this

so i (22F) am in quite a bit of a situation here, and i’m not sure how to really go about this. i’ve had a lot of feelings about this over the last 4 years but it all really came to a head over thanksgiving.
my grandma (76F) has kind of always been a problem. she has had problems for many years with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, substance abuse of xanax, and me and my family suspect münchausen syndrome, as she has often claimed she is dealing with odd illnesses, but whenever we send a doctor to her home (as she has refused to leave the house in 4 years) they have either said nothing was wrong or that they can’t diagnose exactly what is wrong with her. because of all of this, she has not attended any major family holidays, events, or celebrations.
me, my brother (19M), my cousins (24M, 25F, and 29M) as well as my oldest cousin’s fiancé (25F) have sort have just accepted my grandma is an outlier in our lives and while we try to visit her when we can, we just have come to accept she doesn’t want to come to family things. it hurts, but we haven’t forced things until now.
here’s where the issue begins
my mom (my grandma’s DIL) (53F) has been fighting cancer for the last 7 years and it recently came to light that it’s terminal, and they give her about 3 months. could be more, could be less, but the fact of the matter is: this is gonna be our last holiday season together with her around. it was a hard blow on all of us, and we really wanted these last few months to be happy and filled with love and support. so this thanksgiving, we really decided to go all out. we even invited my mom’s brother (53M) and my cousin (21M) out and have a big dinner together. my grandma had known about this diagnosis, and she said she would come. but lo and behold, about an hour before we all were supposed to meet for dinner: grandma flaked on us again, saying her joints hurt too much and she couldn’t come out.
the reasons why i’m so mad and hurt about this is: 1.) her son (my dad) is dealing with the knowledge his wife of 23 years is not gonna be with us much longer while he not only helps pays for me and my brother’s educations, but also my mom’s treatment/hospice care (which even with insurance is a lot), as well as her apartment. he’s barely holding it together and needs all the help her can rn 2.) she always claims she “loves mom’s name here like a daughter” but just called once during this diagnosis and cut it short because she “has a headache” 3.) she is fully aware that me and my brother are having a very hard time coping with this right now (we’re both trying to get into therapy and have good support systems individually and collectively but still), and she’s sent us numerous texts that she’ll always be there for us and will drop everything to come be there for us.
i’m just at a loss. i know it’s not my place as someone younger to call out the oldest person in my family for not only neglecting her son and his family, but constantly making these promises to show up and never follow through. pretty much everyone in my family is upset, my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and the fiancé but nobody has said anything to her. and there’s a part of me that wants to call her out on her behavior, how she isn’t there for my dad or his family, but also how the last 4 years have been nothing but excuses and possibly even lies.
i talked to my brother about this, but he thinks that while yes, he’s mad at her for pulling this shit, that we also don’t need this drama right now and to maybe wait until everything is done before i say anything. idk reddit, what do i do? how do i go about this?
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2021.12.01 00:56 Glass_Room2330 Y'all watching this shit when it come out or nah?

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2021.12.01 00:56 Lisaplayz What is this character? I have a hard time writing it…

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