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Morse Code During St. Jude Stream?

Watch RSL all season long on KSL.com. Most Viewed. 85-year-old man saves 77-year-old brother on Utah golf course With Frontier®, bundle your internet and phone services, plus add a DISH TV package for your communications and entertainment needs. Call 855-562-8557 to explore Frontier bundles today! General Legislative Questions: 406.444.3064. Technical Questions (i.e. website, streaming): 406-444-0912 Moonlight PC. Moonlight PC is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream, as used by the NVIDIA Shield, but built to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This client is the successor to Moonlight Chrome for streaming on PC.. Moonlight also has mobile versions for Android and iOS.. You can follow development on our Discord server and help translate Moonlight into your language on Weblate. When you use QR Code Generator software, you can view real-time QR Code tracking metrics, including location by city and country, unique vs. total scans, time scanned, and operating device used. ... but they also use MP3 QR Codes during these events on tickets. Stream Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Code Orange and more from Welcome To Rockville this weekend Next year’s headliners will be revealed during the stream as well… Words: Nick Ruskell We’re at the 2021 Code Conference here in Beverly Hills, California — and very soon, Elon Musk will take the stage in an interview with Kara Swisher. As always with Musk, there will be more ... What this means for listeners is that, during these times, WYSU will air the All Classical Channel audio in place of Main Channel audio only for our online media streams. Our on-air radio broadcast will remain unaffected. If the stream stops during a broadcast, simply refresh your page and then click inside the video window again. * PIAA (state playoff) games will appear right here on our website... just like regular season contests. WOW Presents Plus is the official streamer of all things drag featuring Drag Race, Werq The World, UNHhhh with Trixie and Katya, and hundreds of other World of Wonder originals, documentaries, specials, and LGBTQ+ programming.

2021.11.30 23:32 TheRealJohn1999 Morse Code During St. Jude Stream?

After the game show part when Jimmy goes to get his debit card, while Stephanie is talking matpat looks into the camera and starts blinking. I'm not sure if he was just blinking or if this was morse code. Any thoughts?
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2021.11.30 23:32 mvgenerator MVGEN: Ayers : Spring 1997

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2021.11.30 23:32 Griff_mann an interesting title

is Mayan still a language or do modern Mayans just speak spanish?
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2021.11.30 23:32 wonderfullyboo One person’s trash turned into another person’s treasure!

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2021.11.30 23:32 RepresentativeFeed53 Link to Target Spoiler 2 Pack

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2021.11.30 23:32 178920629 The beginning of a scrappy postage stamp quilt

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2021.11.30 23:32 itsamooneclipse I like to pretend a fictional character is my girlfriend

I cant have romantic relationships in real life. They freak me out. I like the idea of a relationship but a real one is so much labor and being vulnerable with another person makes me sick in the stomach. Also i have a long history on having crushes on fictional characters and theres this one character that just feels like the right one... So i started calling her my girlfriend and fully simping for her bc why not? Im already an infp so. Also, i freaked out these days when watching an interview about the actress who played her, it brought me back to reality, painfully. But now i know how to separate character and actress so everything is ok. Also the character im talking about is an infp too! I feel kinda guilty for liking a fictional character so much and was hoping to find validation is this community here
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2021.11.30 23:32 fempunkandkittens [LF] Potato galette or coconut cookies or recipes [FST] Bells, NMT, wishlist

I'm looking for a potato galette or coconut cookies for my Chanukah display! If you have the recipe, even better, but I'll take the item if you have, and I can give materials if you know how to make it. I can offer bells, NMT or post your wishlist and I'll see what I have. TIA!
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2021.11.30 23:32 TheScribe- Advice about vents

One of the rooms in my house has two 4" by 10" vents and I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to cover one and have one big one.
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2021.11.30 23:32 CGfltmech Origin unknown. Somewhat dense. Scratches with knife.

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2021.11.30 23:32 TheOkctoberGuard Gracie resting on her one front paw.

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2021.11.30 23:32 Parmesanae Walgreens sightings! I was so surprised

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2021.11.30 23:32 Secretlyadad5 Looking to trade for these babies

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2021.11.30 23:32 eternal_aura My current Spartan. Reasonably happy with him, still a few things I wanna grind for.

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2021.11.30 23:32 theowlsfavoritejoke My college friends and I draw this kind silliness on the whiteboard every day. One day I drew the "cries in sus" and he drew the "consoles in not sus." A true friend.

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2021.11.30 23:32 seacobs Adding sound to quantum simulations

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2021.11.30 23:32 gyraroast_Bandicoot How do I leverage recent jobs to enter IT?

I graduated college 7 years ago with a BS in Bus Admin-MIS and this is how my jobs went directly after graduation:
9months Retail and then 6 years of temp-warehousing/factory work (around 3 seperate agencies and 5 different jobs). I currently work in Amazon and desperately need to get out of there.
from high school to college I worked in fast food and delivery for about 7 years
My issue is...how do I make a relevant resume for say, Help desk, if my customer service experience was years ago and all of my recent experience is completely irrelevant? I cant figure out how to optimize my resume to enter into IT with irrelevant jobs and no linked IT experience.
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2021.11.30 23:32 kollisionkid Hey, anybody wanna buy this sweet NFT I am selling? Only 200 Duetsche Marks.

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2021.11.30 23:32 Hot_Understanding671 WELDERS ❤️ MILFS STICKERS - $4 a pop - message me. FREE SHIPPING

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2021.11.30 23:32 AzizLighting The budget subscription, Guide of the Land, is lacking and some ideas to fix it

With all the hype for the new collab, it's time for a downer of a post to balance things out!
Our new subscriptions, the appropriately verbose Guide of the Land and Guide of the Heavens, have been out almost a month now and at this point I'm sure most players have had a chance to try one or the other. While both subs offer some value, I feel the cheaper of the two (Land, for those who can't/won't keep track at home) has been a missed opportunity and doesn't offer enough to get low spenders, like myself, to buy in.
First let's review what both subscriptions currently offer (here's the official notice if preferred):
Land Heaven Notes
Cost (USD) ~5.50 ~36
Celestial Spark - Every Month * free 10x pull any banner
Seven Stars Piece - Every 3 Months * pick 7 characters, get 1
Guide of Land Spirit Every Month - * guaranteed 4.5*
Trials 60 CS, 1 Meow Coin, 5 Light/Shadow 120 CS, 2 Meow Coin, 15 Light/Shadow
Green Keys Max +1, 1x free refill Max +2, 2x free refill
Red Keys - Max +2, 2x free refill
Second Chance 1 time 2 times * revive without using CS
AD Insurance X X * keep your shit if you quit AD
From this table, it seems pretty clear to me that the Land sub is Heaven-lite; similar in structure, but with Land having significantly less of the good stuff. I have no problem with that in theory (as Land is about 6x cheaper cost-wise than Heaven), but it's stripped down to the point where there's little to no value for the purchase. The CS and green keys aren't even worth discussing and Land boils down to the guaranteed 4.5* from Guide of Land Spirit and the 5 Light/Shadow points.
On the Guide of Land Spirit, there's currently 56 characters in the pool and no way to narrow down who you'll get. If you've been playing a while and built up a diverse roster, there's a high likelihood that this will simply be +4 Light/Shadow on some random character. The 5 Light/Shadow points seem ok, but building Light/Shadow on gacha characters continues to be a whale's game and frankly requires a pretty significant long term investment for a small uptick in damage or utility.
Suggestions I'm not here just to shit on things (though that would be much easier), so here's some thoughts on improving Guide of the Land:
Remove most features and drastically enhance one thing Right now the Land subscription is a stripped down Heaven; I propose removing most of the similar features and going all in on one feature in particular. Remove all things of middling value so we can enhance one thing to a decent value. Then you've got options for the one thing to improve:
To borrow a heavily used concept from other gacha games, do a daily login subscription: players get an extra 20 CS for every login day and after logging in for, say, 25 days they get a bonus 100 CS. If building calendar functionality is too much of a pain for devs, you could do the same thing from the Trial sub menu by adding tasks that can't be blitzed through in a single day (e.g. use 10/20/30/40 red keys). But the idea is that the player gets "value" in terms of CS per $ for daily playing while the publisher gets eyes-on-screen time.
Alternatively: Guide of Land Spirit is now once every 2 months but you can narrow the pool down to 7 characters like the Seven Stars Piece. This would be much more appealing for both vets and newcomers, while still requiring 2 months of sub time (which will make some ponder if they shouldn't just wait 'til the next Star Dream instead since this would be a 4.5*). The point is it's a significantly improved Guide of Land Spirit that we'd be giving up some features to get.
Add something different The other option, if removing features is a no-go, is adding something to bump up the sub's value. An easy one that comes to mind: 1x treatise selector per month. I know JP is getting one for something-or-other, but it could be a great QoL for those tired of fighting the RNG gods for one more treatise. Pool could be limited like the Seven Stars piece is currently, and could also be immediate use like Light/Shadow from Trials. And u/albene could pick up an extra Hypnotist Treatise per month, so everybody wins!
This one will probably be balked at, but 1x chant script per month. You'd still have to be subscribed for 5 months just to upgrade/sidegrade one character, so this doesn't feel like it would be too crazy to me.
I hesitate to bring this one up, but for a new feature I wouldn't mind a "fast pass" to quick complete ADs. I don't want to see AE become an auto-battler at all, but running ADs is a chore and sometimes I don't want to do my chores. My thought is give 5 fast passes per month and on use it'll roll the boss chest for MurmuPrayeChant and then take you to the end reel for drops/Light/white keys. A minor convenience to be used situationally, but nothing game changing.
Conclusion I like AE and was hopeful for subscriptions, but the sub at the price point I'm willing to pay does not have enough value. I think Guide of the Land could be made much more appealing by removing things and enhancing one feature or by adding something extra to the existing subscription.
I'm curious what other ideas are out there, as these are just a few I happened to think up to try to make this thing better.
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2021.11.30 23:32 lambda-pastels mmm PIGS

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2021.11.30 23:32 KrakenTheColdOne Just bought the most amazing article of clothing I'll ever own.

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2021.11.30 23:32 BledNDed Help need money for some bud

Need 60 dollars for some weed if anyone can help that would be dope. Just message me and I'll give you my CashApp
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2021.11.30 23:32 chekianan As inconsistent as ever.

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2021.11.30 23:32 MaxZorin1985 Wasn’t the 200th AVGN episode supposed to be out by the end of November…

Wasn’t the James Rolfe autobiography going to be released this year? Wasn’t James and Mike Monday’s coming back this year? Wasn’t the Cinemassacre Podcast supposed to be good? I’m starting to lose faith in this channel…
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