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_______ Fortress 2

2021.10.18 03:23 BoiBotEXE _______ Fortress 2

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2021.10.18 03:23 BittenElspeth Cinnamon Substitute?

I am an ardent cinnamon lover, and I will have a Thanksgiving guest this year who is seriously allergic. But how could I do Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I absolutely couldn't.
I've put together a little blend to try to capture what I love about cinnamon without killing anyone, and it's good, but doesn't quite satisfy me. For my first try, I went with 1/4 tsp each of allspice, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg.
It captures the spicy warmth of cinnamon quite well and it has a nice overall flavor. However, cinnamon has a second, more smoky warmth that makes it so perfect for desserts that I don't feel is represented here.
Any suggestions? What else could I try?
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2021.10.18 03:23 parisjenner i always thought i deserved love.

the one person on this planet who meant the world to me, cheated on me. he was my everything and i’d never do anything like this to him. to keep this short, we’ve been together for 3 years and were planning to get married in the very near future.
anyway, our relationship was open and we were basically allowed to have a same sex bf/gf which is totally fine, but the issue came when he got too excited and started rushing everything. - so he meets this guy and he makes plans to hang out at his house & “watch a movie”. anyway i let him know what our rules were and he agreed.
like 2-3hrs later he’s driving home saying “happy anniversary” ( it was 3yrs 1 month ) and i was happy and ready to cuddle and go to bed but he gets home and tells me he cheated… like what. like what the actual fuck ?
so since then ( it’s only been 4 days ) i haven’t been able to process it. like im sad yeah but it also hurts me to see how bad he feels. i feel devastated, & i feel worthless. i feel like i was never meant to be loved. i don’t understand why he did this to me.
i have bpd and there no way i’ll be okay anytime soon , i literally feel like trash every second of the day. & to make everything worse i cant even tell anyone, i have to just be sad alone.
ig i just wanna know how you guys process it ? we haven’t broken up or anything ( at least not yet ) i just don’t know how to feel, i have no one who actually cares about me now so idk. i just wanna cry ig idk. :/
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2021.10.18 03:23 Fordexplorer1987 Manual with clutch tips?

I got my sim rig not too long ago with a G29 shifter, it's pretty hard to find my correct gear due to how sloppy the shifter is, but I'm also new to actually using a 3rd pedal (I normally run sequential) I bought a shifter upgrade kit which should help, but tips are appreciated.
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2021.10.18 03:23 Emmyjc4 Easier recipes that taste like a full meal

My partner is vegetarian and allergic to wheat, and I am allergic to dairy, so almost anything we eat together has to be both gluten free and vegan.
He does martial arts classes and is a full time student on top of his job, and I work about 60 hours a week. While I’m content to eat fast food, he was raised eating healthy and his allergy recently developed, so he is super depressed that he can’t eat the food he loves and doesn’t have the energy to cook, and will usually skip 2 meals a day.
Since I don’t mind cooking, we have arranged it so he will go get groceries on the weekend, and he is responsible for telling me what he is in the mood for. I also only have about an hour tops to cook a meal, but would prefer 30 minutes with my busy schedule. If anyone has recipes that arent super complex, that are healthy but taste good, please share or direct me to a good resource! We have also tried about every Asian dish (Indian, thai, Korean, and Chinese) and are a bit burnt out on eating stir fry four times a week, same with gluten free pasta with red sauce.
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2021.10.18 03:23 HorseEjaculatoryDuct :)

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2021.10.18 03:23 Overall_Astronaut_51 While vacationing in another country 🤦🏼‍♀️

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2021.10.18 03:23 Different_Flow511 You know it’s going to be a rough time when someone pulls up with one of these…

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2021.10.18 03:23 grimy_jr Cursed Toy Story 5…

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2021.10.18 03:23 datamigrationdata India to move some migrant workers in Kashmir to army camps after killings

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2021.10.18 03:23 henrisito12Rabitt I drew copper golem

I drew copper golem I'm new at drawing, hope you like it.
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2021.10.18 03:23 ApprehensiveArm8821 4 USFL teams added to the website

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2021.10.18 03:23 Radiant-Potential204 Sick and sick adj ???

Why am I seeing both on my time card for the week are they the same or two separate added sick hours
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2021.10.18 03:23 mythos_leo Teen servers!

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2021.10.18 03:23 Shame_Bot121 What can I do to fix my confidence?

How can one work on being confident? I don't want to just come off as cocky to people. I'm going through a divorce after 6 year of being married. I feel like my confidence in my decisions and just in general has been destroyed. I want to work on being less insecure and but without becoming cocky. I feel like those are two closely related.
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2021.10.18 03:23 SidMischief Digital butterfly by me. Got a tablet for drawing today, still lots to learn

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2021.10.18 03:23 MagnificentRussian Recently moved

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2021.10.18 03:23 Liv_kodocha-o-o Why is everything red?

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2021.10.18 03:23 TheManWhoDelivers Does the term "fiscal conservative" actually mean anything?

I don't understand how you can be left on social issues but want to spend less money. How are these issues supposed to be solved?
I've always had the suspicion that fiscal conservatives are really just covert conservatives who don't want to be made fun of
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2021.10.18 03:23 Aurora_223 Map for my Antiquity Era Fantasy

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2021.10.18 03:23 missingsmoke Bathroom fan caused light and fan to stop working after I turned switch off after shower. What now?

I just moved into this house, electricity looked new according to electrician
Bathroom has its own breaker.. when this happened, the switch wasn’t even tripped. I tried flipping it to off and then on again, nothing. Bathroom light and fan are completely non operational now. I heard a pop when I turned the fan off.
Any ideas before I call electrician? Using a phone light in bathroom sucks… also I know squat about electricity or home improvement in general. It’s my first home. Thank you
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2021.10.18 03:23 Gary123bikes Just an FYI

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2021.10.18 03:23 MikeyTbT123 Nats playoff atmosphere>>>>

Braves fans look bored
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2021.10.18 03:23 SuperSmashedBro [USA-NY] [H] PayPal [W] SSUPD Meshlicious Black w 4.0 riser, ASUS X570i/B550i

Looking to downside, let me know how much you want for each
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2021.10.18 03:23 Giudi1md Shingle question - CertainTeed Landmark vs. Atlas StormMaster Shake

Looking at a new roof…. about 27 squares, relatively simple profile on a traditional 1960’s colonial with maybe a 4/12 pitch in SE Michigan. It will be a full year off and replace.
The two proposals I have use two different roofing system. Proposal A uses a CertainTeed system with a Landmark Pro dimensional shingle, and Proposal B uses an Atlas system with a Storm Master Shake shingle.
Which of these systems is better than why? I’m interested to hear from an installers perspective and from an end user / customer perspective. Thanks!
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