We lost a real one

2021.10.18 02:42 scrublord123456 We lost a real one

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2021.10.18 02:42 Euphoric_Skirt3538 🐶 ShibPuppy | Just launched | Big marketing incoming | Based devs

Welcome to the ShibPuppy! 🐶 Are you tired of constantly losing money on reward tokens that die within a week? Well say no more because you’ve found the right place!
Based Devs ✅
4% Reflections 😍
3% To the liquidity pool 🌊
4% Goes towards marketing 🔥
2% Additional sell tax ➕
Marketing is often the most important element that sends a token to the moon! So we will not take marketing with a grain of salt. Our contract will automatically tax paper hands and send BNB to our marketing wallet, this will keep the project alive and always pushing to new ATHs!
Private Sale:
We have already filled a private sale of 75 BNB which was open to influencers only. We will soon allocate a small portion of the private sale to the public!
Launch went fantastic, we are going to new highs since CMC listed and way more marketing is coming
The Team:
We are based and have created many successful projects before that have reached the moon! 🚨
🐶 Contract Address: 0x923c3ccb8be4cff93cfb123638677eb3edd51e8d
🐶 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x923c3ccb8be4cff93cfb123638677eb3edd51e8d
🐶Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x923c3ccb8be4cff93cfb123638677eb3edd51e8d#readContract
Early contributors will be well rewarded so stay tuned ShibaPuppy Fam and prepare for our take off to the moon! 🤍
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2021.10.18 02:42 limskey Got an idea to get some SSDs to RAID them or continue with the HDDs I currently have.

To RAID SSD or not to RAID SSD….that is the question 🙋
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2021.10.18 02:42 Megackleete История от 15.12.2015

Я свою жену люблю, изменять и в мыслях не было и нет, а уж тем более с Машкой — 20 лет друг друга знаем, но вот одна история в двух изложениях.

  1. Встречался с одноклассниками, перебрали, пьяного товарища не бросил на поругание и замерзание, привёз домой и не раздевая положил на диван и накрыл пледом.
  2. Муж полночи шлялся по барам, притащил домой пьяную блондинку в обтягивающем платье с красными ногтями.
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2021.10.18 02:42 brownie121514 Help?

I am 26 years old. Today is my birthday and I’m struggling guys. I don’t mean to complain or anything I just don’t know what to do. I’m legally blind and can’t drive because of it. I just lost my job because of it as well. And now my landlord raised our rent to almost $1,000. I’m in a bit of a rough patch so if you guys have any advice, I’d really appreciate it.
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2021.10.18 02:42 The-Remix-God-ALT Read his name

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2021.10.18 02:42 beenpimpin420 Larger intricate bio mech piece. This took me a while but damn was it worth it. Pictures do no justice.

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2021.10.18 02:42 Brucethematt What a weekend!

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2021.10.18 02:42 bbeauvais uh oh

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2021.10.18 02:42 KamikazeGamer1 This game is perfect

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2021.10.18 02:42 brincidofovir What is the stadium noise/song that plays when Buffalo scores?

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2021.10.18 02:42 idkguesswhoitis 17 F chilling at home looking to talk to some new people

Hey all, i’m looking to meet some new people who are up for a good convo! i’m pretty open and i like to talk about lots of this so just send me a chat and we’ll start talking!
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2021.10.18 02:42 SluttyKitten00 Creators

What do you guys do when I creator deletes their post from an SFS?? I don’t know what I did wrong but the person shared me then deleted it as soon as I posted her… I deleted my share of her but like wtf is wrong with some people 😔
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2021.10.18 02:42 SpoopieGhost Sailor Moon's Future Funk Adventure

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2021.10.18 02:42 Odd_Nobody Ex gf blocked me

This is really confusing. We were getting along really well, had common interests and life goals. I thought we had a healthy fun relationship. Then out of nowhere she becomes furious at me just because I asked her which movie she wanted to go watch, next day breaks up with me... Wtf? It messed me up so much, I still miss her. A few days later she comes back asking to stay friends because I treated her so well she wanted me in her life. I tried to stay friends but I couldn't do it anymore, she seemed cold and different. It was killing me so I told her we can't be friends anymore. She became furious, called me names etc then blocked me. Is she playing mind games with me? Or is the block permanent?
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2021.10.18 02:42 The_____one-_- Hey;) verkaufe nudes/sexchats und Videos von mir. Mache auch Fakecheck!! Bin 18. Bei Interesse meldet euch auf snap: aleynay.15 bitte meldet euch nur wenn ihr was kauft.

Hey;) verkaufe nudes/sexchats und Videos von mir. Mache auch Fakecheck!! Bin 18. Bei Interesse meldet euch auf snap: aleynay.15 bitte meldet euch nur wenn ihr was kauft. submitted by The_____one-_- to AntoniaRotLeaks [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 02:42 Axon14 [USA-NY][H]BNIB EVGA 3080ti FTW3 [W] Paypal, Local cash

Hello all,
I bought this 3080ti unconsciously when it popped in the EVGA queue, but then realized I didn't need it when it arrived. So I'm selling here. It's brand new in box and you still have plenty of time to get the extended warranty from EVGA. All 3080tis are LHR.
Asking $1800 shipped/$1750 local. I'm local to the south shore of Long Island and I can drive to meet up somewhere.
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/D12f6ro
I'm always willing to listen to a trade offer, especially for a lesser GPU, Xbox, PS5, etc.
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2021.10.18 02:41 dombrown870 Lapiz Blue hitting different here

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2021.10.18 02:41 Lightisicus How to make border fit multiple grid cells?

I'm trying to recreate the google home page's appearance but the border at the footer will not fit. It only fits one grid cell but is there a way to make it expand from the first column to the last column? The border only.
Codepen link: https://codepen.io/Lightisicus/pen/gOxrrZe
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2021.10.18 02:41 soundwavesofficial Sound Waves - Re-Play [Soundtrack / Deep House] [2021]

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2021.10.18 02:41 Naeril_HS Me after discovering altcoins

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2021.10.18 02:41 xhysics Very Cool Video on Moss in Japan

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2021.10.18 02:41 FestOnTwitch CAW makers around the world, how do you make shoes? A.K.A Jordan 1s? Converse? Nike? Etc.

I’ve been trying for the longest to make some Jordan 1 color ways for my dude but it looks really bad 😭
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2021.10.18 02:41 telex_bot A matektanításba is beszállna a Duolingo

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2021.10.18 02:41 Unlucky-Paint-1545 He wants to have an adult convo with this slurpee from the kids menu 🐈‍⬛ 👛

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